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With changing business models and expansion of technology, a huge shift is required to understand the true performance of organizations. Performance measurement is evolving to help stakeholders understand the organizations better and steer them to the path of growth. The current models of CRE metrics mostly look at financial and operational metrics. Thus, performance metrics that were once seen as most relevant are now being viewed as having a unilateral approach only i.e. Return on Investment. This is not to say that these traditional metrics should be discarded completely, but on their own, they present only one side of the performance story. Thus, there is a need to develop a measurement system incorporating new generation metrics that effectively and efficiently capture organizational performance across different dimensions including employee well-being, innovation etc. Organizations that are open to embracing this new CRE performance measurement model can leverage the principles as a catalyst to accelerate their performance beyond their competition.

We engaged with over 60 companies and 110 real estate and FM professionals to understand their views on what Corporate Real Estate teams should be measuring to demonstrate to their C-suite that they are delivering towards the business needs. The result is a new framework build on traditional and new generation metrics that go beyond the status quo. We call this framework “Metrics That Matter”. This model of performance measurement, together with supplementary resources provide CRE managers with insights they need to identify and quantify real estate’s full contribution to enterprise performance, and evaluate how it directly – and indirectly – adds value to the core business.

Typical CRE measurement systems reflect only part of CRE’s performance, missing other significant elements. Therefore, our model of metrics consists of three key business priorities:

Business Excellence: CRE is increasingly viewed as a key enabler to drive overall business excellence. ROI focus, efficiency, productivity, service performance and smart real estate management with a strong focus upon flexibility are essential requirements for competitive organizations. Our business excellence metrics speak to this need of staying ahead in a competitive business environment.

Human Experience: Workplaces of the future will be powered by Human Experience to leverage the very best of human capital. It is vital we develop Human centred workplaces and employ metrics to assess the success of Human Experience initiatives.

Future Proofing: The capacity of real estate to react in an efficient and sustainable manner is critical to support long-term business growth. The ability to quickly adapt to change is crucial to drive the future transformation of real estate portfolios and remain competitive. Portfolio agility, CRE innovation, predictive capacity, responsible procurement and other such metrics can help create resilient businesses.

Evolving and improving CRE decision-making will have its roots in defining a program of trustworthy, credible and accessible metrics that assess the breadth of corporate real estate’s impact.

If you would like to know more about our Metrics that Matter framework, please reach out Susan Sutherland at or Kamya Miglani at

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