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In recent months I’ve received more than the usual number of enquiries from people outside the region asking if there are research positions available in Asia Pacific. That’s not surprising really. While the short term prospects for the global economy have worsened in recent weeks, our region is still a bright spot on the map and as ever a dynamic place in which to be working.

We can’t afford to be complacent though. As we saw during the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, the region will feel the effects of a major slowdown in the West should that eventuate. Indeed the Q3 stats just compiled by our research team show that some of the property markets have started to come off the boil, in part due to the flow-on impacts of the ongoing economic and political challenges in Europe and the US. In the main though, the markets still look to be in relatively good shape, with most continuing to record further increases in rents and capital values during the third quarter.

Some big positives for the Asia Pacific region include the fact that most countries have low levels of indebtedness and governments with policy flexibility should conditions continue to deteriorate. Over the longer term, structural drivers such as increasing urbanisation, rising wealth levels and less reliance on exports will help to shore up and drive economic growth.

To read more about the latest property market trends in the Asia Pacific region, do look out for our upcoming Q3 publications including the Asia Pacific Property Digest. Or if you need more in-depth analysis and forecasts, speak to us about our Real Estate Intelligence Service. You can find out more by visiting our Research Hub. Testament to the quality of our research is the fact that Jones Lang LaSalle has just been named the best research house in Asia at the 2011 Euromoney Real Estate Awards. Something that the team is very proud of and that could result in more enquiries from job hunters wanting to move to our region!

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