JLL APAC HQ: A new office, new home

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JLL’s new Asia Pacific head office at Paya Lebar Quarter 2, situated in Singapore’s Paya Lebar sub-regional business district, has won many hearts for various reasons. Personally, the office stands out for delivering a wholesome human experience.

Positive vibes reverberate from the moment you step out of the elevator on the tenth floor of PLQ2, in front of JLL’s main entrance. Instead of a receptionist greeting you from behind a counter and showing you the way to the visitors’ lounge, a team of friendly concierge escorts you to a warm, corporate, yet casual, open and expansive lobby, teeming with life. You can spot JLL employees and visitors interacting or collaborating over hot beverages, passionately prepared by a barista. The positivity of this space creates a welcoming atmosphere that inspires you to be a part of the JLL family.

Internal staircase with terraced seating

Source: JLL

To the right of the lobby stands an internal staircase facilitating a free-flow of human traffic between the tenth and the eleventh floors that JLL occupies. The vibrancy of the place serves as an invitation for employees, clients and business partners to mingle with each other and foster lasting relationships. This internal staircase seamlessly integrates a terraced seating area, which functions as a convenient pit stop for many when their incidental exchanges at the stairway develop into productive idea-generating conversations.

Collaborative spaces are available throughout the new office. Tastefully arranged tables and chairs of all shapes, sizes and fabrics provide endless options to colleagues and clients for meaningful discussions and collaborations. Decorative wall-murals in some of these areas further enhance the human experience.

One of the many collaborative spaces

Source: JLL

Individual work points come in a variety of formats, serving as “desk for a task”, rather than the conventional “desk for the day” in a fully hot-desking environment. Traditional workstations are given new spins – some come with wide, curved computer screens, while others are plain and simple for those who prefer uncluttered desks; some adjustable in height, others fixed. For something less formal, there are long, high tables with high chairs, serving especially those who prefer to work seated tall or standing. Alternatively, there are also low café style tables paired with long cushioned benches

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This office ensures there are no Jacks at JLL, as it incorporates a fitness studio with regular classes, such as Yoga and Zumba, for the wellness of employees. These activities provide further opportunities for cross-departmental interactions.

JLL’s new office in PLQ2 speaks of our “Better Together” vision, which encapsulates everything we do, from providing experiences to forging relationships. The office is people-centric and inclusive, caters to diversity, and inspires co-creation by driving collaborations, ambitions and innovations. It encourages work-life balance by positively blurring the lines between the two.

A big thank you to JLL’s Project and Development Services team for curating and delivering an office that showcases the future of work and for bringing a whole new meaning to work for all of us!

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