CRE careers – up or out?

July 17, 2011 / By  

Could the HR policy of strategy consulting firms become the guiding principle of CRE executives’ careers? We do not think so. However, the unprecedented pressures placed on the CRE function, together with increased visibility and empowerment, are both a threat and an opportunity.

CRE heads have definitively been elevated within the organization due to the global financial crisis, and the challenges they faced have considerably broadened the set of skills they are now expected to own. A set so diversified that it inspired the title of the latest research paper from Corporate Solutions, The Swiss Army Knife CRE Executive.

While CRE teams cannot shy away from a comprehensive assessment, followed by the acquisition and/or the honing of new tools, these initial efforts are likely to be rewarded by new windows of opportunity, as these skills are the key to career growth.

CRE executives, have you become as multi-purposed as a Swiss army knife? Are your real estate capabilities stepping to the background, while soft skills (behavioral attitudes – management, communication and relationship talent – strategy and value creation mindset – etc.) are moving center stage? Hit the “Comment” button, I would love to hear your stories!

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