APPD Market Report Article


March 16, 2023

Dr Samantak Das, Chief Economist and Head of Research & REIS, India


USD 130


BFSI and fintech scale up colo and cloud requirements

  • Demand from BFSI, fintech and tech players increased during the quarter. 
  • Cloud players continued to increase their pre-commitments alongside robust growth in cloud services.

Cloud players scale up self-build ambitions

  • Amazon Web Services is reported to have acquired 60 acres of land in Thane, near Mumbai, for over INR 18 billion (USD 220 million).
  • Google is reported to have picked up a 381,000 sq ft space in Navi Mumbai through a long-term lease of over 28 years.

Rollout of 5G and data protection bill to propel industry growth

  • The central government announced the Digital Personal Data Protection Bill 2022, providing a framework for data protection and supervision.
  • Major telecom players have rolled out 5G services in the city, driving growth for the data centre industry.

Outlook: New operators to explore entry strategies

  • New colo operators are expected to assess the power availability for setting up base.
  • Cloud players are expected to diversify across micro-market locations in the availability zones (AZs).

Note: Mumbai Data Centres refers to Mumbai's overall data centre market.

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